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bed and breakfast Venice, Venice bed and breakfast, bed and breakfast in Venice bed and breakfast Venice, Venice bed and breakfast, bed and breakfast in Venice

Giorgiutti family bed and breakfast

Along the lagoon, near the Airport and Municipal Ca' Noghera Casino, 20 minutes from Venice Historic Centre, the Honey House awaits you with its large garden on Venetian Mainland and tastings of honey produced in the Venetian area.

The owner Enrico, doctor of agricolture and great athlete (bobsleigh Italian champion in 1980 and team manager of the Italian Cycling Federation), Naturalistic-Environmental Guide of Veneto region, will guide your holiday through the wonderful secrets of Venice, discovering art and culture, traditions and exhibitions, festivals and local products.

Other important sites: the towns of Treviso (20 Km away) and Padua (30 Km), the sunny beach of Jesolo (30 Km), and the nearby archaeological area of Altino (3 Km), from which the first founders of Venice escaped from the invading barbarians towards the lagoon, in the fifth century A.D.

zona archeologica di Altino

Venice bed breakfast

Venice bed breakfast

Venice bed breakfast: Numerous plans and projects have been advanced to prevent or to brake the economic and social inaridimento of the historical nucleus, that he goes turning more and more into city-museum; but of concrete well few has been done both for the various obstacles of political and financial order, both mainly for the lack of concrete and valid proposals, fit to furnish an acceptable solution to a series of so complex problems. The lagoon city, after having been for centuries the greatest and I activate commercial emporium of the whole Mediterranean for his/her vivacious exchanges with the Moslem East and with the rich markets of central Europe, it started to decay since the sec. XVI in consequence of the move toward the Atlantic of the most greater tides of merchant traffic. An awakening of the economic activities took place toward halves the sec. XIX, thanks to the construction of the railway bridge and the preparation of benches and port stores to the western extremity of the insular inhabited area. In some decades the I bring it had an appreciable expansion as result of the products of the retrostante Venetian dry land and as point of unloading of the commodities imported by the foreign countries; he affirmed meanwhile quickly the tourism-for the still only of elite-for the beauty and the originality of the artistic and urban environment of the city and for the presence of the beach of the Beach, on its way to become one of the bathing and worldly stations of international fame. The city economy founded him so up to the end of the first world war on the commercial trafficis, on the handicraft activities (some of which, as those of the glass and of the laces, of ancient tradition) and on the services, in good part directly or indirectly connected with the tourist movement in rapid development. With the end of the second world conflict it had beginning the construction of the I bring commercial and of the industrial zone of Marghera, that effectively contributed to transform the economic and social structure of the city assigning to every of his/her components a precise economic function,: fishing activity was transferred to Malamocco and Burano, where it took back vigor the craftsmanship of the laces; the industry vetraria to they Wall up; the worldly and bathing life to the Beach; the commerces and the great modern industry in the installations of Mestre especialmente of Marghera.


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