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Redentore 2023
Saturday 15 July Venice celebrates

Saturday July 15th Venice will renew its vow for freedom from the plague

The Redentore is one of the most heartfelt and eagerly awaited popular festivities by the Venetians, in which the religious and the spectacular coexist, between gastronomic traditions, folklore and fireworks, with plays of light and reflections on the inimitable stage of the Bacino di Saint Mark

The celebration falls every Saturday before the third Sunday of July and commemorates the end of the plague epidemic which devastated the city in the years 1575-1577, leading to the death of over a third of the population of Venice

It was for this reason that on 4 September 1576 the Senate of the Serenissima chose to erect a church in the name of Christ the Redeemer, as an ex voto to try to keep the disease away from the lagoon

On the day of the first Redeemer, in 1577, a prison bridge was set up to reach the island of Giudecca and the new basilica. Also here the first procession of the faithful took place, still today a fundamental part of the celebrations

The Feast of the Redeemer, as per tradition, is experienced in a collective ritual from the water and from land: some by boat in the Basin of San Marco, some along the banks, some from terraces and roof terraces, to relive together an all-Venetian tradition and enjoy a kaleidoscope of color behind the city’s spiers, domes and bell towers. All topped off by the long tables set up on the Giudecca, by the riot of balloons, lights and decorations, by the preparations for cooking the dishes that traditionally accompany this ritual

The fireworks will begin, as per tradition, at 11.30 pm on Saturday 15 July and will light up the Basin for about 40 minutes with a unique show in the world, which will see around 6,500 fireworks fired into the air

The celebrations will begin on Friday 14 July, at 8 pm, with the opening of the votive bridge by the Mayor, the Patriarch and the civil and religious authorities. The temporary floating path, with its 334 meters in length, firmly links Fondamenta delle Zattere and the basilica of Christ the Redeemer on the Giudecca island, two extremities of the City of Venice usually divided by the water of the lagoon