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April 25th ST. MARCUS in Venice

April 25th is the feast of St. Marcus evangelist, the city’s patron saint.

In ancient times on this day a famous procession took place in the Piazza; religious and civil authorities as well as a deputy of artists took part in it.

There is a hugely widespread tradition among Venetian men on this day: the gift of a bocolo, that is a red rosebud to the woman they love best.

Also nowadays – but not in this time of Coronavirus! of course – St. Marcus Day is celebrated with a procession in the Basilica
and the Regata del Bocolo a Punta S’ciopo in Cannaregio Venezia

On April 25 in Italy the “Liberation Day” is also celebrated

anniversary of the victorious struggle of military and political resistance carried out in 1945 by the allied armed forces, by the Italian Cobelligerant Army and also by the partisan forces during the Second World War starting from 8 September 1943 against the fascist government of the Italian Social Republic and the German Nazi occupation