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Casa del Miele propone interessanti eventi e vi tiene aggiornati sulle principali novità.

At the Casa del Miele we sterilize the rooms after each overnight stay

In our home and in particular in the rooms – where hygiene is a priority – we use the natural sanitization method using ozone generators.


The ozonizers used are the result of years of study by the Ecoglobal Italia (certified company in Italy) and guarantee complete hygiene in a short time.


Ozone (gas composed of three oxygen atoms) in fact purifies the air of biological agents such as viruses, bacteria, molds, mites, eliminating any harmful element without the use of any chemical component, in a totally natural way.

Ozone is one of the strongest oxidants found in nature: it reacts with unsaturated organic substances managing to sanitize the air and water, combining its bactericidal, fungicidal and inactivating effects for viruses.

The ozone produced by our treatment is able to eliminate naturally, without the use of chemicals, any harmful element and sanitize all surfaces, even those that are difficult to reach with a classic wash.

After a few minutes the ozone returns to being oxygen, without chemical residues and unpleasant odors, instead leaving a pleasant and real sense of cleanliness in the environment.


The equipment used complies with European Union Directives and IQNET ISO 9001 certified.