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Varda Venessia!

one of the most emblematic photos of Venice

taken from the Exhibition of the great Helmut Newton

recently held at the Casa dei tre oci

which recalls the “Varda Venessia” of

popular populating memory



so I remember it was said when we were kids

when you wanted to indicate something of modest to watch secretly:

“Varda Venezia” – “Look at Venice!”

and that is the most beautiful thing in the world!

Venice precisely

who gives herself for free in the name of universal artistic beauty

and which recalls one of my writings from times gone by

when just opened the B&B Casa del Miele

after fifty years old – lost my life’s job

I was preparing to promote

-as Venetian Mainland-

my original sentimental approach to the most unique City in the world

and that I report you below








Venice is great!

You can visit it for an hour and be weary of it, you can spend your whole life in Venice and realize to have still much to discover. The modern tourist is faster and faster, always in a hurry and able only to hold the sweet goblet for just a night and a day: a full-immersion adventure in Venice from the early morning to the late night. The following day he is ready to brave the next perils of a holiday to be experienced for knowing and having fun and definitely not for relaxing…

What should we suggest to those bold youths (in their body or soul) in order to improve their (first?) time in Venice? This beautiful, impressive and attractive city which can grasp you without ever possessing you, chasing and escaping.

Venice, Venice… who saw you, still loves you or intensely hates you.

But it is important to know how to enter it.

Entering Venice is a fascinating experience, but it is necessary to be able to do it, otherwise She will strongly reject you.

For instance, I would never live in Venice, but I like penetrating Her every day!

Therefore, this is how you can do it, in order to be authentic visitors and perform a triumphant, romantic entry, that is what She definitely prefers:

  1. don’t be in a hurry, because if Venice realizes it, She will never show you Her magnificence
  2. it is forbidden to follow a pre-arranged path, because you have to get lost in Her splendour
  3. you must spend your time in Venice preferably in the daylight, better if early in the morning, because at night Venice will veil Her grandeur

This is my suggestion: early in the morning (around 7.30), after a rich breakfast, catch the bus to the airport and reach the wharf, where the Alilaguna boat leaves every 30 minutes. The whole trip lasts one hour and finally the wonderful Venice opens to reveal Her magnificence, showing Her lagoon, made of land and water, canebrakes and sandbanks, a secret paradise, which can be seen only by the few who are able to perceive the long kisses the morning daybreak profusely offers. When we reach St. Mark’s, after a one-hour boat journey, we are drunk with pleasure, because we have already touched Her jewels: Murano, with its precious glasses, and the Lido, on a shore that whispers in your ear: ‘Come here and dance with me…’, and we feel like Her lover ‘ My love, kiss me now, if you can…kiss me now, if you want…’ And we have the best moment with ‘Chihuahua…..oh…..Chihuahua’, because it is St. Mark’s Square the final destination and the rapture reaches its peak and we feel the extreme pleasure. It is a whirl of emotions which carries us back to the old splendours of the past, even if in the vividness of the present. Yes, Venice doesn’t wait, and you live an ever-lasting moment, your heart’s epiphany… and within Venice ships glide over the channels and you, inebriated, you run up and down Her bridges (more than 400 but only three on the Grand Canal), stopping to discover Her hidden corners and suck Her nectar in the typical inns (called bacari). And then you rush with your heart in your mouth, beyond each limit. If you have never tried to run through Venice, do it! And don’t be afraid of getting lost in Venice, because a lover so good to her seducers have never existed, so that at the end She will lead you on the right track.

During your comeback, She will come with you as well, holding your hand along the shore, waving Her hand from the extreme edge of Piazzale Roma (Roma Square), where everything leaves and stops, borderline between the Old and the New, nostalgia and desire, Holy and Profane, Virtue and Sin, transfiguration and simulacrum…

‘It is the world’s belly button…

it is here where you can meet weird faces of a disarming beauty,

where you don’t know what are the things coming to

and within yourself going back to the source of breathing…

can you feel this energy going up

here there’s room for imagination

where experiences converge

and turn into expression,

where life becomes precious and our love becomes actions,

where rules don’t exist, only exceptions!!!!

Here energy springs,

neuralgic centre of the new world,

every new road starts from here

and from the provinces of the great Empire I hear a voice raising

….this is the world’s belly button…..

and we are already dancing’.


enrico giorgiutti

B&B Casa del Miele Venice


Translation by Silvia Martelli