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Torcello Island


It is said that Torcello was the first island that gave rise to the great Venetian Serenissima


We were in 400 after Christ


from the famous Roman port of Altino, located in the adjacent Venetian mainland (now home to a large national archaeological museum) in fact took refuge in the lagoon (then inhospitable and infested with malaria) the Locals, chased by the barbarian invasion of the Huns led by the terrible Attila


The first colonized island was Torcello, then those men passed to Burano, then Murano … and finally built Venice!


Venice: a Island that was not


made up only of “velme” and “barene” (that is semi-submerged lands) …


It took hundreds and hundreds of years to consolidate a substrate made of slime and mud …




By filling it with wood!


That is creating with the beams coming from the Forests of the Venetian mountains (transported through rivers) and from the Dalmatian peninsula opposite (across the Adriatic sea) a sort of stilt, on which all the architectural wonders of the city rest today


It was possible because the salsa water in contact with wood – thanks to a natural physical process – over the years makes it harder than stone, transforming it into very solid foundations!


Today Torcello is home to an ancient Cathedral and has 11 inhabitants!